Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sewing Update For July

Well it has been a long time since I've posted anything! I haven"t been that lazy, so thought I'd post a quick round-up of what I have been doing these last couple of weeks. I should have been doing a whole lot more I admit. Especially with the hot weather we have been having, you'd have thought I'd be sloping off to the cool basement, to my sewing area, every opportunity I got. But no.........

Last week Thursday was the hottest day of the year so far, almost a record high temperature in our area (38C feeling like 47C with the humidity) and I was out playing golf!!!!

Another hot day saw me trying something new, hypertufa. Very simply, it's mud pies for grown ups!! A mixture of Portland cement, peat moss and vermiculite and then this is molded into shapes. I did a couple of leaves and a planter moulded over a beer box. The curing time is about 28 days, so can't report on the success of this project yet!

Hypertufa moulded over leaves

Hypertufa moulded over a beer box

I also spent time making cake pops. After trying the Starbuck's version, I just had to try and make them myself. These are little balls of cakes with a candy coating on a popsicle stick. Very nice even if I say so myself!!!

Just need to work on getting the coating smoother!!

As to the sewing, I have cut out the Violet blouse from Colette patterns in a black and white check, all ready to sew.

My Lonsdale dress pattern (from Sewaholic Patterns) arrived in the mail last week and I have just the right fabric for this project. I picked up about 9m of pretty fabric for $10 from Value village a few weeks ago. So I am all ready for the Sew-Along, scheduled to start on August 1, lead by the very talented Tasia from Sewaholic patterns. having done both the Pendrell blouse and the Crescent Skirt, I am looking forward to this.

Then I have my Key Keeper Coin Purse, all cut out and interfaced, ready to sew. this is for the Amy Butler Style Stitches Sew-Along hosted by My Crafty Crap. No pics now, will post later in the week.

I have also made some patch work place mats for the Blogger's Dinner party this month (also no pics yet).

Finally I have cut out another Cosmo bag for a friend who admired mine the other weekend when I used it for a weekend away. Almost identical, but with a mauve lining whereas I did light green for mine.

The mess that is my cutting table. Second Cosmo bag all cut out and ready to sew

But then today at the beach (Turkey Point, on Lake Erie, Ontario) I saw two different rompers. I have to make a romper for myself  before summer is over. I blame Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch as I love, love, love the retro romper she recently sewed and posted on her blog. I need one!!! So I feel a pattern search coming on and a trip to my local fabric store!

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