Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Me Made May Days 25 -31

A bit late, but I wanted to just round off Me Made May.

Day 25
Skirt and top from Vogue patterns. Easy Options 2218

Day 26
Under the black suit jacket there is a Portrait Blouse (Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing)

Day 27
Burda Shirtdress (7827)
Day 28
Black pencil skirt and Portrait Blouse, both from Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing.
Day 29
Grainline Archer Shirt

Day 30
A Sewaholic Pendrell top

Day 31
Slouchy t-shirt (free pattern from Tessuti Fabrics)

Another great Me Made Month!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Me Made May days 18 -24

So week three and going strong. Well as long as you don't count Day 18. I had nothing, nada. It was a Public Holiday here in Ontario (Victoria Day) and I worked in the garden all day wearing an old tank top and shorts, neither of which were me made!

Day 19
Back to work after a nice long weekend. I wore a blue and grey Sewaholic Pendrell top.

Day 20
This scalloped-hem skirt is from The Colette Sewing Handbook. I made it in a brown linen-type fabric.

Day 21
Dropped waist dress made in a black and white cotton sateen. Burda pattern 8072

Day 22
This black and white gingham blouse is Colette patterns Violet blouse. I love the sweet little Peter Pan collar.

Day 23
Not a great photo of my outfit! I am actually wearing two me made items Three if you count the cute vintage button earrings! I am wearing my new Style Arc Elita Designer top and underneath that I am wearing a Sewaholic Alma blouse.

Day 24

Monday, May 18, 2015

Me Made May Days 10- 17

Happy Victoria Day!

 Day 10
For dinner out at a local Italian Restaurant, I slipped my new Style Arc Designer Top on over a sleeveless top.



Day 11
For work I wore black cropped pants ( Simplicity 5259) and a Portrait Blouse from Gertie's new book for better sewing. I had to go out after work and it was a bit chilly so I threw on a Sewaholic Minoru jacket.

Day 12
Jumper Dress (Simplicity 2848)

Day 13
No photo! I wore a RTW black suit and one of my first makes when I started Sewing again back at the beginning of 2011. A Sewaholic Pendrell top.

Day 14
A Colette Patterns  Beignet skirt. I haven't worn this skirt for a while, not sure why not. That's what  I like about Me Made May, it makes me look for some of the me made items I don't wear often

Day 15
Grainline Moss Denim skirt. I love my Moss skirt and wearing it has reminded me I have brown fabric in my sewing room just waiting to be stitched into a Moss Skirt.

Day 16
Jali jeans that by now have seen better days, but they are soooo comfortable. Worn with a white eyelet fabric sleeveless Sewaholic Pendrel with self drafted scallops on the bottom.

Day 17
Another sleeveless Sewaholic Pendrel , this time is a soft knit.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Style Arc Elita Designer Top

I took one look at the Style Arc Elita designer top and knew I had to make it. It also helped that I had a large piece of navy blue jersey in my sewing room just waiting to be used.

I love the fact that you can see a pattern, and download within minutes and print, piece together and be ready to go just like that.

This was my first Style Arc pattern. This was a very easy pattern to sew. In fact the printing and piecing together the pattern probably took longer than sewing this top up. Even though I did finish all my ends and hems, where the pattern tells you to leave them.

It looks good with the cowl (the trunk as the pattern calls it) either wrapped or left hanging loose.

I am planning a reversible one and I was thinking about a grey jersey and a black, I think it would look great the way the cowl neck drapes.

Not the best photos unfortunately!!